Sunday, August 24, 2008

Traditions Night

Katie and I are running a bit behind schedule trying to update our blog as much as we can. Ideally, we would like to have a daily post, but you know, it's hard! We really don't know how people on the Web can be so dedicated and have enough time to do this! I guess they don't have jobs or something.

Anyway! We decided to update you all on Traditions Night which was held on Monday night August 18 at Memorial Stadium. It was the first event for new Jayhawks to learn the traditions of the student body. But, something... no wait... someone caught my attention more than that guy-->.

Little known fact about me is that I LOVE MASCOTS. I mean I am absolutely fascinated by the lovable furry things.
Illinois had the Chief, but he wasn't really a "mascot" per se (some will disagree). High school, well that didn't really count for either of us. So naturally, I am glad that KU has Big Jay and Baby Jay. So much so that I decided to take more pictures of them than any other event during Traditions Night!

Some other stuff happened too, but I was way too distracted!

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Katie said...

Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief! GO ILLINI!

The Other Katie :D