Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Look Back

Since we've been is a quick rundown of some of our events that we have not mentioned here until now:

+ACD/SHD retreat

+Paula Dean in the Kitchen: The Schol Hall staff cooked a fabulous dinner for the rest of the campus staffs. Here are the fun pictures from the event!

+Towards the end of training, there was a dress up event at dinner. Luis went as Duff from Ace of Cakes!

+There was also a huge dance party outside Crawford...I was sick and couldn't make it, but thanks to Luis' love of picture taking, I can now relive the event through these photos!

+Once the RAs/Desk Staff/Proctors/Food Board Managers moved in, the exec members for the Skol Halls soon followed. We went with the Wild Watkins Women to create tiles to help decorate the hall. Luis made the T and I made an A! It was a lot of fun! I think we will have to travel back there to make some more goodies sometime!

+Then move in snuck up on us! In Schol Hall land there is something that happens at the beginning of the year, the Scholarship Hall Olympics! Each hall competes in a variety of events, everything from baking to watermelon eating and basketball to ultimate frisbee. It was great experience and Luis and I took every moment we could to cheer on the lady llamas and bfeld aardvarks!

+During the opening week, there were two rockin' dances. Rock a Hawk and the fountain dance were really fun! Luis showed off his dance moves and we got to hang out with awesome people!

We have more pics to check back soon for a new update!!


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