Thursday, January 8, 2009


Katie and I realized the other day that we haven't done anything to this blog since October. And, well, a lot has happened since. Just a brief rundown:

Katie got a job with KU out of Kansas City, KS and started the second week in October (that was the exciting news from the Oct. 1 post).

My brother, Gustavo, married Thanksgiving weekend.

I completed my first semester in grad school with a whopping 3.77 GPA (thank you to 2 A's, a B+ and a rock solid paper I wrote).

We have made many great friends in Lawrence, and continue to meet tons of interesting people here in the Sunflower State.

The upcoming year looks to be very promising for us. 2008 was an outstanding year as our lives changed dramatically as we started our life together and embarked on new adventures.

We have vowed to dedicate more time to this project. We have been inspired, and look forward to detailing our adventures in '09.